METH SRL, in line with its philosophy based on the continuous improvement of its service and the ability to adapt to the needs of the market, has decided to create and maintain a Quality Management System in order to identify and meet the expectations of its customers, grow its business, become more competitive, and improve its performance and organizational skills in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

This Quality Policy is the result of the analysis performed on the organization and was developed in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

METH SRL has set the following goals for itself:
• To operate safely and with maximum respect for the environment, ensuring safety and environmental protection to the workers, customers, and community.
• To use a risk-based thinking approach
• To continuously and systematically monitor company costs and revenues in order to keep track of profitability
• To ensure that our materials and products, along with our services, always meet the needs of the customer, in compliance with current standards
• To create and maintain a motivated and proactive team for the good of the company
• To establish mutually beneficial relationships with interested parties;
• To innovate in order to keep up with the times and be able to propose, in this way, better and innovative solutions.

To achieve this goal, METH SRL guarantees:
• A high standard of quality;
• Continuous investment in certifications and brands;
• Maximum respect for customer property;
• Compliance with delivery times;
• A compact, strong, and motivated workforce;
• The skill and professionalism of its employees;
• Efficiency of the equipment used;
• Maximum care for relational and communicational aspects;